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Po’ Hawk – September 11, 2015

Progress is being made. I’m getting some decent fuzz on top of my head, but it’s not enough to really be hair. So I’m growing a poor excuse for a mohawk.

I started it because my friend Jamie sort of dared me to sport the ‘hawk at our gym (back when I took that pic on shaving my head day). Now, I’m really getting to like it. It lets me keep an eye on the real hair growth, and I’ll keep it going until I can see more hair than scalp. Then, I will shave it all off and grow my hair out for real. Meanwhile, my eyebrows have finally grown back enough that I’m ditching the brow pencil. Ahhhh. Now, let’s get those lashes back. I’d love to use mascara again.

I do have almost all of my energy back. I’m hitting the gym for cardio and weights 4 days a week. It feels great. I feel great. So, when I get the puppy-dog-eyes and how-are-you-feelings, it’s all the more grrrrrr.

The hot flashes are in full swing. When they started back in June or so, I just got hot and flushed, but now, I’ve got the full on sweat going. To say I feel like Samantha in that SATC episode is an understatement. It’s more like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter (though usually without the vengefulness).

Shout out to Margo re: the last post – bibbopsy isn’t the typo. That’s from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” – haven’t you seen it? If not, go find it and watch it right now!

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Dem’s sum brows!!!!
—margo barbakow, September 11, 2015

—Susan Rosenthal, September 11, 2015

Love it!
—Adrienne Meyer, September 11, 2015

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