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Owie – July 11, 2015

Last week, in an attempt to better battle my seasonal allergies, exacerbated by the chemo, I switched from Claritin to Zyrtec. One problem. We forgot about that pesky bone pain from the Neulasta shot. Claritin has been shown to help with that, and boy, does it ever. I had no problems with it the 3rd and 4th cycles, while on Claritin. This time, I dc’d the Claritin for Zyrtec, and last night started with a not so lovely sensation of head pressure – not unlike jumping into the very deep end of a swimming pool. Then, just before bed, it felt like someone cracked a bat on my left leg. When the pain worsened and spread to my right leg and left arm, I realized what was going on. I popped a couple of Tylenol (which tends to work quite well for this), and did a quick google search on Neulasta and head pressure. Sure enough. one page said that .08% of patients experienced it. Well, we all know I’m pretty damn unique. Anyway, that was enough info for me to go to sleep without fear of stroke or anything. Except the Tylenol still needed to kick in. So, I watched Odd Mom Out on Bravo on my phone. Thanks, Antoinette, for the rec!

Yeah, so next time, even if I’m still taking the Zyrtec (hard to tell if it’s helping beause the prednisone helps too), I’ll swap for Claritin for a few days to keep the bone pain away. So much juggling!

Meanwhile, despite restless sleep, I think I feel more energetic today. This is good.

As for the urinator…. still urniating. :/

Keeping the urinator(s) out of the dining room with beadboard from my photog stuff.

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