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A Horse of a Different Color – July 13, 2015

It’s interesting to note the different ways a person can be tired. Last week, a couple days post-chemo, I was exhausted as if I were growing a human. By the weekend, I was feelling less tired, but totally not motivated. Today, I’m feeling motivated, but prednisone crashing and not able to match acutal movement to motivation. But, I think I need to move.

Can we talk about the eating? Oy! In my first  4 cycles, the 100 mg of prednisone didn’t make me ravenous like one would expect. I think it just counteracted the drop in apptetite from the chemo, so my appetite seemed fine. Then, in week 2 of those cycles, after the prednisone crash, my appetite dropped a bit – understandably. Then, by week 3,  I was pretty hungry. This time around, it was all different. I had total bouts of munchies all through week 1. Compound that with the eating from the week before, and I have to tell you, my yoga pants feel tight. People, this is not good. Of course, I’m now neutropenic, and can’t go to the gym, but I think I might if I could. It turns out that this is the only week of the cycle I generally feel like going. Logically, I should be up to going in week 3, but I’m just so busy catching up on everything else from being a hermit in week 2. Plus, my PF rears it’s ugly head in week 3, making me grouchy. Yes, I know, exercise will only help that. Eh. I think I just have to be resolved to get back to it when my last neutropenic week is over (3 weeks, baby!).

Back to the food thing. I was totally not hungry today – unti I finally ate lunch at 2. Then, it was like I broke the seal. I just made and ate an entire batch of kale chips (fresh kale from our organic CSA haul). At least it’s healthy, right? And, I’ve got fridge pickles brewing from the cukes and dill we got from the CSA. This is the first time I’ve ever made them, and I had far fewer cukes than the recipe called for, so I hope they turn out. If not, it was a nice little diversion with The Girl this afternoon.

Speaking of The Girl, I pulled the C card today. I’d been trying to get her swim lessons cancelled to the tune of a refund for lessons not taken. She’s great in the water, but this particular swim school is so focused on form that she’s not advancing through the levels, and therefore not learning anything new (making it a big ol’ waste of time and $$$). This kid isn’t going to be a competitive swimmer. She just loves the water. And since she’s definitely at the point where I feel safe letting her swim anywhere in the park district pool, I think these lessons are done. The manager was trying to get me to bring her in for one more lesson to see what they could do, but I just didn’t want to be bothered. And I really didn’t want to deal with his hard sell in front of The Girl. So, I called back today, explained how I was going through chemo and it was taking a toll (not a lie), and would really like to just get the remainder of the lessons refunded. After eons on hold listening to the most inane kids’ hold music, and the guy calling me by The Girl’s name (no, I didn’t bother to correct him), he got the refund in process, minus the lessons she’s already taken and a $30 cancellation fee. Whew – one less thing to do/place to be! Definitely something I appreciate this summer. Forget “grease” – “chill” is the word!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

I am glad you got your money back! I think the school is great for little ones. I had to switch tommy to closer to home and they are just trying to get him to swim across the pool. once again, he is not a competitive swimmer, just need him to be safe!
—Amy Kingan, July 14, 2015

Enough of the Frank n Murray’s already ?! Glad you got that resolved. Glad that you are listening to your body. You deserve the rest and before you know it, there will be no neutropenic week allowing you to just chill.
—Janet Stich, July 13, 2015

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