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Live from Sbux – October 7, 2015

Much better than “Live From Treatment Room,” right? Not much going on (which is a good thing), so I’m brining you a hair update. It’s coming in, kind of chemo-curling (if you look at it closely, it looks like it may become a serious Jew-fro), but it’s still pretty thin. I’m really hoping it thickens up. Meanwhile, I’m surprised because I don’t remember my hair being so dark. **BiselBlog note: People are constantly asking me if my hair was always this dark – even over a year later!

Oh – I did swing by Kellogg on Monday to get my port flushed (must do that every 6 weeks or so until I have it out, to keep it functional – just in case I need it). As a bonus, Dee (my nurse) snagged me a flu shot so I didn’t have to make an appointment with my GP. Gotta love killing two birds with one stone.


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Jew-fro, lol ?! You crack me up!
—Janet Stich, October 7, 2015

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