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Flowers for Deb – April 2, 2015

I feel like the cancer version of Charlie in Flowers for Algernon. Felt like crap for two months. Went on Prednisone (because we thought that was the right thing) and felt great for two weeks, then started to backslide. Especially now that I’m tapering off the pred, all my previous symptoms (fatigue, loss of appetite, fevers) are coming back, plus the shortness of breath and coughing. So, feeling pretty much like crap all over again.

Today, I’ll meet Alla Gimelfarb, my hematologist/oncologist. It’s still odd to say that I have an oncologist. Hopefully, I’ll come away with a clearer picture of how things will proceed. Though I may need to wait until tomorrow’s bone marrow bibbopsy (yes, I meant to say that) results come in (should be Wednesday next week). Considering how fast this thing grew in a month, I’m really anxious to start killing it off already.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Site:

Deb – Fucking cancer. I dealt with thyroid cancer in 2009, my aunt with eye cancer in 2010, and my sister with breast cancer this past year. She is in constant contact with her oncologist – they plan the course of treatment – so I hope you have one that takes all the time YOU need to answer your questions. My sister lives in Lake Villa – up your way, and has not been able to return to work quite yet – I’m sure she’d be available to chat with you about her journey – even though it’s a different type. When does chemo start?
—Jeannie Jordan, April 6, 2015

Deb, something tells me you are going to kick cancer’s ass! You are the lady to do it! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!
—Erin Taylor, April 5, 2015

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