Serendipity and a Resolution(ish)

Serendipity and a Resolution(ish)

I figured my last post was long enough, so I postponed posting this post until today. Yesterday, I had the most incredibly serendipitous day. The Girl and I headed out late morning with several missions ahead of us. The first was to gas up the car. But, I accidentally, and surprisingly propitiously, went to my second planned stop first… Walgreens. When I pulled up to the drive through, there was NO ONE in front of me. What’s more, my prescription was 100% covered. I owed zilch. Next, we went across the street to get gas. Normally, even turning into the first lane is difficult due to traffic, but, I managed to get across to the second lane and turn left, directly into the gas station. There was one pump open, and I got it.

Next, we drove to Von Maur to hopefully find sandals and a dress for The Girl to wear on formal night on our upcoming cruise. We walked in, found the shoes, and they were perfect. Next, we tried a few dresses. The one we both liked the most was the least expensive of the three (and cheaper than the shoes, but don’t tell her father), but it was a little long. After years of shopping there, today I found out that they do alterations on site. Not only that, but there was no charge for a simple hem! Von Maur is truly my happy place.

Love the fancy sandals with socks!
Love the fancy sandals with socks!

Oh, and we also found a perfect, pretty little shrug for her to wear over the dress if she gets chilly. It’s not a sweater, but made of heavy t-shirt like knit, so it should wash beautifully. And it has pretty ruffles too! Oh, and I found three eyeshadows that I love.

Next, we had lunch with my parents. We had fun chatting, goofing around, and a lovely time was had by all.

After lunch, we had two more errands planned. Getting my car washed inside and out, and hitting the grocery store. We stopped at home to drop off our purchases and clean out the crap from the car. We gathered up our entertainment (iPad, etc.) and headed to the fancy car wash, which usually takes at least an hour because they hand wash the cars. Would you believe there was only one car in front of me and we were out of there in about 30 minutes? I was floored! At that point, I had no choice but to purchase a lottery ticket (I never play).

Thanks to Sia, my BFF, we realized that Bath & Bodyworks was having their semi-annual sale, so of course we had to stock up on soaps, wallflowers, pocket bac, and hand lotion. Then, on the way to the grocery store, we got sidetracked at Ulta (next door to Jewel) where I found a great package of little hair doodads to bling myself out when I want my pixie to look fancy.

Finally, at the grocery store, the bulk of my luck ran out. They had everything we needed except for one item. We searched high and low, but there was not a single can of French Onion Soup to be found. And that’s all I needed (making rice and noodle casserole for tomorrow night, and only had 1 of 2 cans at home). So, one more trip to the other store (Mariano’s), who had copious amounts of French Onion Soup, and we were finally able to get home. Where I actually remembered to do The Girl’s laundry so she could wear her Janimals for New Year’s Eve with her cousins. Whew! What a day! Oh, I should add that she and I got along perfectly all day until I wanted to blow dry her hair before bed. But, I have a feeling her attitude about it was on principle, because I kept telling her how much fun I had with her. After all, she can’t let me get too complacent.

Before I discuss my New Year’s resolution(ish), allow me to reflect a bit. 2015 has been quite a year. Aside from the whole Kicking Cancer’s Ass theme, it’s been transformative in surprisingly positive ways. For one thing, I’ve gained a bit of an adventurous side. I loved trying all the new foods at the Indian restaurant  last week. I’m looking forward to my first trip to the opera next mont and visiting NOLA for the first time  this spring. And, recently, I joined in the fun when I took The Girl to a birthday party at a roller rink.

Thanks, Amber, for snapping this shot of me, being fancy on wheels!
Thanks, Amber, for snapping this shot of me, being fancy on wheels!

On top of all of that, I’ve put myself in front of the lens much more. Not only is it fun (interesting? inspiring?)  for me to  look back  at all I’ve  experienced, but the photos will be there for The Girl for when she forgets how cool I really am. If you’re the resolution makings type, consider this one: exist in photos. Get out from behind that camera. Stop waiting for those last 5 or 10 pounds to come off. Don’t hold out for the perfect hair day.  Even if you never want to look at yourself (and you should, because you’re beautiful), your kids, friends, loved ones will want to.  Do it for them. Exist in photos.  And, maybe, if you don’t love yourself today….maybe, just maybe, you’ll come to. I know that I have.

That said, I must say that I am not one who makes New Year’s resolutions. I just don’t think they work  for me. But, I’ve decided that 2016 will be the year of decluttering. And, just so I won’t jinx it, I started early – last week. I’ve tossed out or donated half of the stuff that’s been accumulating in my office for the past 10 years, with plans to get rid of even more. I also spent an afternoon with The Girl, throwing out or setting aside for donation (as appropriate) all of the broken, unused, unplayed with stuff she’s been gathering for the past however long she’s been gathering stuff since the last time I cleared out her room (maybe 6 months ago). Honestly, why anyone decides to put underwear (clean or dirty) in a toy bin, under the bed, or anywhere else besides a hamper or drawer (as warranted) is beyond me. And why, for the love of (pick your diety or name), does she have a roll of TP under the bed?! Alas, no more. Only books adorn her book shelves. American Girls are all together with all of their stuff. The floor is no longer booby trapped with Lego. With much prodding on my part, I hope we can keep it that way for a long time to come.

Happy 2016!


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