MoranFest 2016 – Chapter 2

MoranFest 2016 – Chapter 2

Sorry for doubling up on the posts today. I just don’t want to start the year in the hole. You understand. I know you do.

So anyway, the MoranFest activities continued on Wednesday after Christmas, when a load of Morans (and some Kellys) (again, note the lack of apostrophes) headed out to enjoy ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo.

After the ZooLights, we headed to R.J. Grunts for dinner. We saw people leave upon hearing it was a two-hour wait, but we’ve got friends in high places. We only waited about 5 minutes. It pays to know folks.

We all ate more than we thought we would, and with full bellies, we headed out for another one of the MoranFest traditions – a tour of an industrial facility. Previous years tours (which I have skipped) included The Deep Tunnel Project, The Jardine Water Purification Plant, and The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Mainstream Pumping Station. This year we were allowed to witness behind the scenes workings of the Chicago Tribune Freedom Center. Our tour happened to be led by 18-year employee, Bart Moran (my BIL). I’d asked him if photography was allowed on the tour. He said yes, just no faces. Cool. I wanted faceless photos anyway.

The whole thing was pretty darned awesome. And I kept thinking of Rory the whole time. Well, and Logan saying, “That’s how we do it at the Daily News!”

Stay tuned for the final Chapter of MoranFest 2016.

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