Umpteen years ago, when I moved into my first apartment, I bought a set of 8 wine glasses at the Pfaltzgraff outlet. The outlet no longer exists, and the number of glasses has dwindled to 4. I love these glasses. Something about their weight, size (10 oz), and cut glass stem just feels lovely in my hand. Particularly the stem.

For several years now, I’ve looked for more to replace those I’ve lost to breakage. No luck.  About a year ago, I saw something similar looking at Kohl’s (department store). At least, the stem was cut the same. But, the construction was different, the glass was larger, and much heavier. I couldn’t pull the trigger. And so I walked away, giving in to the fact that I’d never find them.

Yesterday, I was at Jewel (the local grocery store), buying wine for Rosh Hashana dinner. On the end of the aisle that had the Prosecco, there was some barware. Now, I’m not one to purchase (or even look at) barware at the grocery store liquor department (at least, not since my college days), but I couldn’t believe my eyes. There they were. My beloved wine glasses! Same size. Same weight. Same cut glass stem! The foot was slightly more domed than my originals, but I could live with that. There were only five on the shelf, and I snatched them all and put them in my cart.

But, you’ll never believe the most amazing part of the whole thing. They were only ONE DOLLAR EACH!  Am I going to go back and see if they have more in stock? Oh, you betcha!

Old and New Wine Glasses

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