Checkup: Check!

Checkup: Check!

I’ve been so busy, I’ve been remiss in my postings. Let’s backtrack…

June 9th, I was scheduled for my 6 month CT scan and follow up with Alla a few days after. Unfortunately, I had a cold, so while I went through with the CT, I thought it best to reschedule my office visit. Since my CT findings included “Sinus mucosal thickening involving ethmoid air cells and more pronounced sinus mucosal thickening involving the maxillary sinuses left greater than right much worse from the prior study,” Alla concurred with my plan to postpone my office visit. As it turns out, they don’t like sick people in the cancer center, what with all of that immuno-suppression going on.

So, I set up a new appointment for June 22nd. I do love going in there. It’s always a fun reunion. I love that they have their own lab at Kellogg, so results take about 20 minutes, max, to come in. While Nizi drew my blood, I decided it was a good time to record my 1 second video I was going to just cut it at the needle going in, but she said, “What, no blood?!” Gotta oblige the phlebotomist, so I adjusted (see June 22 clip).

My first #1secondeveryday video. June, that’s a wrap!

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Shortly after the blood draw, I was taken in to see Alla. We hugged, talked about our kids and summer, oh, and my CT results were good. So good, in fact, that I won’t need another scan for at least a year, if that. People, this is good. Not that we’re forgetting I had cancer – I’ll still be visiting Alla on the regular. But, I don’t have to do anymore of the glowy stuff for a while. Whoo hoo!

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