A Bisel Dis... A Bisel Dat

Needledeedledee – June 16, 2015

Nothing like a little reflux to start the day, despite my double strength prescription dose of Prilosec. Acupuncture to the rescue! But first, I had to drop The Girl off at my parents, and give them a quick refresher on their smart TV so they can watch YouTube and Amazon Prime videos. Then, the chemo brain kicked in…

I started driving towards acupuncture, but I was supposed to go to Kellogg first for my Neulasta shot. Oops. Turned around, got there a bit late. Then they were running behind, so when I left, I called Jason to tell him my chemo brain mishap, and make sure he could still fit me in. Happily, he could. He’s such a great guy. Too bad he doesn’t read this blog. Anyway, I had a wonderful session. Got an extra needle in my upper belly to deal with the reflux, and of course the antenna needle for chemo brain. Plus the usual digestive/energy points.

After chemo, lunch with the folks. We went to Di Pescara, where I could get a nice, salt-free (because it’s prednisone week) meal of salmon au poivre on a bed of spinach that was sautéed with butter and garlic. Mmmmm! Plus lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Delish! Now, I’m sitting at swim class, writing this as The Girl swims. I’ve really had no adverse effects from the spinal, headache-wise (which can happen), until now. I had Sbux to try and combat it (doc said caffeine would help), but I really need to get flat and let my spinal fluid equalize. Hopefully I’ll get to do that before dinner. After I make the sriracha sauce for the shrimp and triple wash the escarole. And slice the garlic. Oy.

Margo – What’s a Culvers?! Oh my, you healthy-eating, silly, CA woman! It’s a wonderful fast-food establishment that has, among other things, very yummy frozen custard.

Funny story before I go. The other day, my brother informed me of the wonder that is Hey Siri. If your iPhone is plugged in and charging, you don’t have to press the Home button to activate Siri. you can just say, “Hey Siri” and she’ll come to life. I tried it in the car, but it didn’t work. I plugged in at home and, while looking at the phone said, “Hey Siri.” She answered, “How can I help you,” FROM BEHIND ME!!!!! I looked around and realized my iPad was plugged in by the opposite counter. I laughed and said, “Oh, it’s you.” Siri answered, “Yes, Deb, It is me.” I told her to go back to sleep and then couldn’t stop laughing for about five minutes. Oh, and I realized that it helps to turn on the Hey Siri feature on my iPhone if I want it to work. Doh!


Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

It’s 1am in NYC, and I don’t know what I’d like more for my midnight snack — Culvers or In and Out (not even that story can gross me out!).
Deb, I hope your parents appreciated that you saved some of your clearest thinking yesterday for their technological refresher. Child’s duty, right?
Pardon me while I further delay my bedtime to experiment with Siri. Too funny!
Glad you have so many great people giving you quality care, Deb.
—Miriam Schiffer, June 18, 2015

We are a totally ANTI-FAST FOOD family. When Max was 4 and Jeff was driving to Camarillo with him to visit his parents, they passed the new IN AND OUT BURGER. Jeff thought he would sneak in a visit with Max, thinking “eh, one time can’t hurt the kid….” They had their burgers in the place, went back to the car, and as they were driving out onto the highway little Maxers upchucked his entire meal. He very sweetly said to his dad, “Daddy, is this why it’s called in and out burger?” He was really serious. It went in, it came out, and that was that!!! As for Siri, mine is a British gentleman speaking. Did you know you have choices?
—margo barbakow, June 16, 2015

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