A Bisel Dis... A Bisel Dat

Live from Treatment Room 9! – May 5, 2015

It’s chemo day once again. It feels like it’s been ages, but it’s only been three weeks. First, I had my blood drawn. Next, I saw the nurse practitioner. Why not my oncologist? Oh, she’s traipsing across Europe for a couple of weeks. The nerve of her to take a vacation when I’m having chemo! 😉 Then, the premeds. I know I’ve said it before, but that Benadryl packs a knockout punch! My dad came by and brought lunch (I had chicken gyros – yum)! And amazingly, I was able to wake up enough to eat it.

Now, I’ve had 3/4 infusions, and now I’m getting Rituxan. That’s the one that can bless me with all sorts of reactions and that we had split it into two days last time. Today, I’ll get the full dose, but we’re going slowly with it and titrating (slowly increasing by 80ml) every so often to see how I’ll tolerate it. That will also let us catch any reactions early, before they’d get too bad (hopefully). What kinds of reactions, you ask? I could get chills/fever, heart chest pain, breathing problems, and probably more that I don’t remember or don’t want to think about. So far, so good.

Shout outs:
Thanks, Jori, for driving me and hanging out this morning.
Thanks, Diane, for the awesome bandana, that I’m sporting today.
Kay, no green eggs and ham.

Original  Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

When are you publishing your book on how to combat cancer and chemo? You have such a way with words that you certainly could help others who are experiencing what you are enduring. Amazing? I’ll say you are!
—kay matton, May 5, 2015

Two thumbs up!
—Diane Feldt, May 5, 2015

Verification that we are genetically connected: I wake up for food, too!!!! Even from a coma!!! God forbid we should miss a meal……
—margo barbakow, May 5, 2015

Hugs to you!
—Ari Lawler, May 5, 2015

Looking good in that green! Big hug!
—Carol Elliott, May 5, 2015

I’m learning a LOT from You! All Good!! Hugs!!! Jo
—jo Wilken, May 5, 2015

Just wanted to let you know I am reading your updates and thinking of you. Strong woman, you!
—Cindi Perrine, May 5, 2015

You’re looking good, my friend! Slightly drunk in the After Benadryl picture, but that’s okay. I’ve seen that look before. 🙂 xoxo
—Holly Ruck, May 5, 2015

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