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Going…. Going… – August 5, 2015

My numbers look great. WBC is up to 3 (from .7 when I came in), and my ANC (the specific infection fighters) is normal – up to 1.6 (from .3 yesterday)! Spoke briefly with the hospitalist (Dr. Diop). He said he’ll get going on my paperwork. It’ll still be a while, though. He mentioned that he’s got another patient who isn’t doing so well, and as much as I want to “make like a goalie”, making sure someone else doesn’t die is understandably a bit higher on his priority list. Meanwhile, Dr. Glick from ID will stop by within the hour, do the appropriate ministrations of listening to my lungs, and then let Dr. Diop know what to prescribe for me at home.

Now, Dr. Glick is the one who kept me here an extra day last time, but that won’t fly today. I’m going to be firm. No sticking around for another day of culture percolation. I’m going, and she WILL let me, by gum!

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Maybe you need to ply her with Juicy Fruit gum ( just because it’s sweet) to be sure you can make the great escape! 😉
—kay matton, August 5, 2015

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