Michiana Mishegas

Michiana Mishegas

Every July 4th, the family on hubs’ side gathers at my BIL Tony & SIL Megan’s summer home in Michiana for a few days of fun and shenanigans. This year was special, because we celebrated another SIL, Heloise, turning the big five-oh. It was also special because I finally figured out which house was the one my mother’s family owned when she was a girl (in the 40s and 50s).

On the first day, I had driven some peeps down to the beach, and decided to drive by her old house. I saw a couple (who I soon learned to be Wendy and David) outside, and asked if it was their home. They said that it was, and I told them that it used to be my mother’s summer home when she was a little girl. We started chatting about it, and next thing I knew, they invited me in to have a look around. How nice was that?!  I was sad not to have my big girl camera with me, but at least I had my iPhone, and Wendy did not mind at all when I took some photos.

Wendy told me what she knew about the home (which was around 100 years old). I told her what I knew about it – or at least, about the times back then. There had been at least two families who owned it between hers and my mother’s family, and we weren’t sure just how much was original and how much had been added/changed by previous owners.

The kitchen, though my mother couldn’t remember much, looks as if the cabinets may have been from her era.

Panoramic of the kitchen from my iPhone

The back porch looks largely unchanged, other than the wood paneling, which may have been added in the 70s or so.

Panoramic of the wraparound porch from my iPhone

The bar is original to when my mother was there. How cool is that?!

The bar, complete with “boob lights”

I was surprised to not find any pink anywhere, because my great-grandmother was crazy about everything pink. Then Wendy mentioned the downstairs shower (guest bath) had a pink tiled ceiling. I’ll bet that was Nana’s doing.

Pink shower ceiling tile

Wendy did have one nagging question… what were the posts for on the back patio?

Back patio with clothesline posts

I asked my mom, and she knew right away – they were for the clothes line. She can even remember seeing the clothes hanging out there, and when it would start to rain, everyone would rush outside, grab the clothes, and bring them inside.

Before leaving town, I went back and grabbed a nice, outside shot of the house with my big girl camera.

The famed house in Michiana

It was such a trip to walk through that house, trying to transport myself back to my mother’s time there. I’ve heard so many stories about the times she spent there – especially about their epic parties. Now, I can finally envision everything just a little better.