A Bisel Dis... A Bisel Dat

Here Piggy Piggy – November 21, 2015

This morning, I have a date with a lead pig. I’ll update you with the results of the PET tomorrow, when I see Alla and get the scoop. Cross everything for a clean scan.

Meanwhile, lots has happened in the last four months (post-chemo). As you know, I’ve gone into menopause, grown back hair (though not enough in my pits to even bother shaving. THAT’s nice), and have been working out, making some strides in healthy weight loss. But, it’s not all fun and games. I’ve developed arthritis in my feet (probably just luck of the genetic draw), and have now come OUT of menopause. Yep, Aunt Flo showed up quite unexpectedly on Saturday. Sure, she sent some advance warning – zits, 8 lb jump in the wrong direction on the scale, plus a lovely, seemingly source-less headache on Saturday. Maybe, if I’d actually HAD PMS before all of this, I would have recognized the signs, but having been on continuous birth control before all of this cancer bullshit, I’d kept Ol’ Flo at bay. So, yeah, I was surprised. As were my new pink undies. Happily, she only stuck around for a day, with a quick pop in the next day before going on her merry way. If I never see her again, that’d be fine by me.

So, now, I sit here in the nuclear dungeon of Highland Park Hospital, waiting to be fully radioactive. Good times.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Waiting to hear the great results!!
—Janet Stich, November 23, 2015

Good luck!! And glad that annoying aunt flo didn’t stick around for long!!
—Amy Kingan, November 23, 2015

Hoping for a clean scan!!!
—Susan Rosenthal, November 23, 2015

You just keep making my ole heart smile–What a Character you are!! I have EVERYTHING Crossed for you!! Ain’t easy at my age!! : )
—Jo, November 23, 2015

HaaallelUjah! HaaallelUjah! HallelUjah! HallelUjah! HalleeeluuujAH! – November 24, 2015 →