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Endings, Beginnings, and Mergings – December 13, 2015

Tomorrow is a big day. I get my port removed. Although I’m feeling great about being cancer-free, I think that getting the doohickey out will really feel like a fresh start. So, with that, I’m saying farewell to the CaringBridge blog. But, I WILL still blather on with updates. I’m just going to be doing it over at my new and improved blog – www.biselblog.com. It’s a new URL for my pre-existing blog where I’ve posted recipes and other random bits that were too long for a Facebook status update. Tomorrow, I’ll post there about the port uninstallation (and a hair update photo). I know you’ll want to make sure you get updates, so when you go over to the new(ish) blog, put your email address in the “Follow the Program” area and click the “Email me updates!” button. Once you do, you’ll get an email whenever (and ONLY whenever) I put up a new blog post, just like you have on here. I host my own domain, so you can be assured I won’t be spamming you or selling your address.

I’ve already begun the work of copying and pasting the posts from this site over to that one, in case anyone feels like re-reading any of it. An major bonus (which I hope will be helpful to at least one person out there who also finds themselves needing to say “Fuck cancer.”) is that having the posts on biselblog will allow people to find them via their favorite search engines.

I do hope you’ll follow me over there and subscribe to get the update emails. If not, no hard feelings, and I thank you SO MUCH for all of your support!

P.S. If, for any reason, you have trouble getting the updates for the new site, post a comment here. I’ll be leaving this site up for a while, so if you say something, I’ll see it. 🙂


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