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Chillin’ – Retro Style – June 24, 2015

Too much uprightness yesterday made for a killer headache by bedtime. Today, I shall spend as much time as I can in the horizontal way of things. It’s a lovely morning, so I’m in the backyard, listening to birdsong and Andy Grammer, lying on my borrowed chaise which I’ve covered with my groovy swim towel from when I was The Girl’s age.

The cats are not so happily ensconced in the basement. All of their labs appear normal. Next up, behavioral medication. Not sure what yet – some kind of kitty downers, I think.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Jun 24, 2015 2:09pmSomething that sounds way out there but which I believe is true…animals can detect cellular changes. There was a study sometime by someone smart that showed dogs were nearly as effective at detecting tumors as imaging (they missed the just starting ones). If that is the case, it is entirely possible that they are also able to smell/detect the chemo drugs and other cellular changes. They may be upset about this. Particularly if you have not had the problem until the whole “let’s get cancer because that sounds like a good time” thing. Just a thought 🙂
—Laura Roberts, June 24, 2015

Your plans for today look and sound like exactly what you need! I hope your headache responds favorably to the day of horizontal R&R. Oh, that sounds bad. Context is everything:-). As far as the cats, did the vet suggest pheromones? My husband and his ex-wife had a cat who responded favorably with them for similar kinds of
misbehavior. I hope things settle down in your world! Enjoy your day.
—Kris Baker, June 24, 2015

Glad you are relaxing!! I always find it amazing how cats will retaliate when they something is different!!! Hope they settle down!!
—Amy Kingan, June 24, 2015

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