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Back and Forth and Still Here – May 13, 2015

This morning, oncology said “Go home.” Then ID said, “Stay,” Then oncology said, “Nope. Go home.” Then, ID said, “Stay.” It’s been quite the roller coaster of a day. But, as long as nothing pops up in my blood cultures tonight, ID says I can go home tomorrow. I still have to stay away from people as much as possible for the next few days, so drat, I can’t go grocery shopping.

I did have a surprise visitor today… my friend Laurie (who promised she’s totally germ free), was here to visit her sister who had surgery, and stopped by my humble abode. Plus, she brought fresh baked cookies. And since her job is making sure that dining establishments are clean and serving safe food, I trust her and her kitchen. 🙂

Me with Laurie
Me with Laurie

Yes, my eyebrows have a bald patch. It’s hard to tell, but I do still have eyelashes. However, none of that really matters because Laurie always takes a perfect selfie. Well, except when with another person, apparently. We needed several takes to get to this one. Hmmm… maybe she *doesn’t* take the perfect selfie all the time, but just leads us to believe that. I guess we’ll never know.

Margo – First, I am keeping the photo. It’s badass. Second, that was quite an outburst. I almost peed my pants!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Love the bandana!
—Susan Rosenthal, May 14, 2015

Deb, you look great!! And if you hadn’t pointed out the bald patch in your eyebrows, I would never have noticed. That’s probably because my eyebrows always look wonky on a normal day. So you and I can stand together in wonky eyebrow solidarity. 🙂 xoxo
—Holly Ruck, May 14, 2015

Badass fo sho! Outburst has been stifled but building. Sorry if it offended you. Can’t see your brow in the photo – really a patch of hair in absentia but lashes intact? Thank goodness for faux brows and faux lashes.
—margo barbakow, May 14, 2015

You got Laurie’s cookies?! Lucky! I hope you can enjoy the rest at home tomorrow.
—Antoinette Corelis, May 13, 2015

It was so great to see you! 😊 I could fill an entire book with the outtakes of selfies…as you witnessed!! 😜 Enjoy the cookies…secret recipe that I share with everyone!!! 🍪 You are my cancer hero…you got this!!!! 👊🏻 Go Deb!!!!! ☀️
—Laurie Jahn, May 13, 2015


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